With a healthy appetite for travel and a radio that can play the classics, I never pass up the opportunity for a good ole road trip. Home is where my heart is with my husband and daughters. If I'm not with them, you can often find me taking pictures in a sun-kissed field. I love the gym and prayer is my power. I am blessed daily.


Between raising four teens and living my best life with my love, Brian, I spend a lot of sunny evenings shooting families and children. I have a passion for boudoir photography and empowering women to see ALL their beauties. Light excites me and my favorite season is Winter. God above all else.

Meet MISSY & nikki

In 2021, The Photography Mrs' launched their Boudoir Photography to our services. We are currently using Make it a Home Studio and outdoor locations. Nikki has always had a passion for Boudoir photography and empowering women to feel confident and beautiful. Boudoir also offers Brides an excellent gift for their new Grooms. 

The Photography Mrs' was established in 2019 by Missy and Nikki. The idea all started with photographing Nikki's wedding. The two found that they had so much in common and started brainstorming how they could take both of their talents behind the camera and serve so many lovely couples.  

Missy and Nikki offer over 15 years of experience together and have shot over 30+ weddings in that time.

The Photography mrs'

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We have a private Facebook group for our brides, which allows you to connect with some amazing bides!  

an amazing bride tribe


We love capturing the details of your special day to allow you to enjoy them later on.

gorgeous planning


We want to share your story.  From getting to know you at your e-shoot to capturing those special imitate moments of your day. 

a strong love story


Grooms are just as important as the Brides! With two photographers, we can make sure to crave out time to work with the groom and his fellows.

a handsome partner


If you are looking for two ladies who can help make your wedding day relaxing and fun, you've come to the right place. We have years of experience to offer you the most on your wedding day. We aim to capture all the moments from the tiniest detail to those large family portraits. And we carve out that special intimate time for the two of you during portrait hour and those glowy sunset portraits.  

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